Our Product/Service offering

FinPlay is a wealth tech platform built for growing financial independence among Indian Millenials.

We encourage our users to save and invest regularly to see their money grow become financially independent.

Products offered on the website

We offer the following products on our platform

  1. Mutual funds

  2. Digital Gold

Mutual funds

Once a user invests in Mutual funds, the money is transferred to the respective AMC. We receive a small commission as mandated by the AMC for facilitating the transaction.


For users investing in digital gold, your invested money is transferred to our digital gold provider MMTC-PAMP. We don't charge the user for any transaction. We get a small commission from MMTC-PAMP for facilitating the transaction.

Currently, we're not charging anything from the users that invest on the platform. We get small commission from the AMCs and MMTC-PAMP.

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